Oye Diran is a Nigerian fashion and fine art photographer based in New York City. Born in Lagos, Nigeria, Diran moved to New York during his childhood. Using a bold eye to capture and evoke raw emotion through imagery and fusing pops of color with detailed motifs that convey the essence of his subjects, Diran’s style is unique and fresh. To date, Diran's work has been published in several global outlets and magazines, including Vogue Italia, CNN Africa, Kenya Airlines' Msafiri magazine, Afropunk, AFROELLE magazine, Munaluchi Bride magazine and more.


Oye Diran's work primarily takes a view on the beauty of people of color. The beauty and regality thathave been misconstrued in society for a longtime. Through his photographs, he aims to convey this allure with the use of fine art and conceptual themes. Each of his projects share this similar message but with the use of different elements. Elements derived from different cultures around the world, royalty and the symbolical meaning of color. Secondarily, he aims toconvey life lessons and experiences that inspire the audience.